How Do You Decorate A Sofa With Throws?

When decorating a sofa with throws, you have a few options! For those using the throw purely for decorative purposes, there’s plenty of choices, but for those also intending to use the throw to keep warm, we recommend placing it in an area that is easy to reach! 

How Do You Decorate A Sofa With Throws

You can fold your throw lengthwise into thirds and drape it vertically over the back of the sofa. This creates an elegant aesthetic, especially when placed in the center of your sofa.

It also looks incredibly stylish when placed off-center; just be sure to tuck the throw behind a cushion to secure it in place.

Also, folding the throw lengthwise, you can then fold it in half in the other direction. It will be shorter and able to drape over the arm of the sofa or on a cushion.

Do so with the tassel or fringing pointing down for a stylish look. You can make it more relaxed if you bunch up the throw, so it's slightly uneven. 

For a more relaxing style, you can pinch the throw at its center and drag it over the back corners of your sofa. Or you can fold it in half lengthwise loosely and drop it over a corner, draping it over the back of the sofa.

Doing so will create a relaxed style where the throw sprawls over the front of your sofa to the floor. You can tweak it by spreading or tugging the throw if needed. Don’t forget some cushion placement here to hide any problems!

You can also drape the throw diagonally over the sofa, dangling it over the corner to style the foot of your sofa. This is one of the easiest options to do, and means the throw is really easy to grab when you need it!

How Do You Put A Throw On A Couch?

You have a few options when it comes to putting a throw on a couch. You can start by removing the cushions along the back and draping the throw across the back of the couch so that it hangs off the back. You can then replace the cushions to keep the throw firmly in place until you need it.

Alternatively, you can drape the throw over the cushions, but it can move around when people sit down and stand up again. Often, you can find yourself needing to adjust the throw a few times a day! 

You can also put your throw along with the cushions on the bottom of the throw. To do this, lay your throw across the cushions, ensuring they are all covered. You can then tuck the excess down the sides, between the arms and cushions, and along the back of the sofa to keep it in place.

You can have some of the throw hanging off the front of the sofa if you wish or tuck it under the cushions if you want to keep it firmly in place. 

Alternatively, you can drape your throw over the sofa. A large enough throw could be used to cover the whole couch if you wish to protect it or hide the color or any stains and marks.

Draping your throw across the back and down to the cushions in a waterfall style can make the couch seem longer and larger! It also means you can grab the throw easily when needed!

If you don’t want to tuck the throw in or have it laid out, you can fold it neatly and place it on a cushion. You can then reach for the throw easily when you are chilly! 

Are Throws And Blankets The Same? 

Although the words are often used interchangeably, throws and blankets are not the same thing! Throws, or throw blankets as they are known, are just one type of blanket out there! There are a few differences between blankets and throws, but they will still keep you warm. 

The biggest difference between a blanket and a throw is their size. A blanket or other type of bedding is usually made to follow bed dimensions. They will match a twin, queen, or king mattress, meaning you can snuggle up with them in bed and not have a rogue cold foot! 

Throws, on the other hand, usually follow a standard 50 x36 inches size. You can get larger throws too, but often you will just see the standard size. Throws tend to be made for one person, whereas a larger blanket is better for snuggling under. 

The material of blankets and throws will vary too. Blankets are usually one large piece of fabric using materials like wool, fleece, or flannels to keep you warm. Sometimes they will feature a sewn edge too.

Throws will also feature knitted components too. There’s a range of luxury materials used like crushed velvet, faux fur, or satin. You will often see fringe designs on throws that are wonderful to cuddle up under after a long day. 

Finally, their appearance sets the two apart. Blankets are made to serve a purpose and aren’t always the most attractive but will keep you warm!

On the other hand, Throws are made to be seen and can brighten up a living space! Often, we see these draped over couches and chairs adding a decorative element to your room. 

It’s worth considering all of these factors before deciding whether to purchase a blanket or a throw. 

Why Are Throws Used On Sofas? 

Throws are used on sofas for a few reasons! One is to decorate your sofa. Throws can be placed over the backs of sofas to hide any marks or stains and provide easy access to them when you want a throw to cuddle under!

They also give your room a more casual look, depending on how you style them. 

Throws are also used to protect your sofa from any cat or dog claws that could scratch and damage the material. In these cases, the throw can be placed over the entire sofa or tucked under the sides of the cushions to protect the seated section.

People often do this with throws if they find their sofa outdated or that the color/style no longer matches the style of the room. It can be an affordable and easy way to update your sofa to a color that better suits the room.

Another use for throws on a sofa is to warm them up! If you have a leather sofa that you find cold, covering it with a throw will make it feel warmer and more comfortable for you. You can also use the throw to wrap around yourself if you find the room chilly or a little draughty.