What Colors Go With A Grey Sofa?

Redecorating or restyling rooms to your preferred taste is one of the best things about having your own place. You’ve got the freedom to choose whatever colors or patterns you like to fit with whatever aesthetic you’re going for. 

What Colors Go With A Grey Sofa

One of the easiest ways to spice up your living space without having to redecorate an entire room is switching up pieces of your furniture and changing the colors.

One of the best pieces of furniture to chance is a sofa, as it can completely change the dynamic of a room especially if you’re getting a different shape, material, or color.

Grey is one of the best colors to get for a sofa as it’s not too light that stains will be easily noticeable but it’s also light enough that so many other colors can match with it. 

There are no strict rules as to what colors you should pair with a grey sofa, however, if you need some inspiration, we’ll be able to advise you on some great colors that go well with a grey sofa. 

What colors go with a grey sofa?

As we said, you can choose whatever colors you like to decorate your room to go with your grey sofa. However, we believe some colors work better than others.

If you’ve got neutral-colored walls in your living room, then you'll have more choice of what colors you can pick for things like pillows, throws, and other furnishings in the room.

You can use both pastel or bright colors for accent furnishings to decorate your room to go alongside the grey sofa. 

Different tones of grey will pair better with different colors. Warmer more taupe-like greys will pair better with warmer colors whereas cooler toned grey sofas will match better with blue hue colors.

Here are some of our favorite colors to pair with a warm-toned grey sofa:

  • Mustard
  • Burgundy
  • Coral
  • Gold

Some of our favorite colors to pair with a cool-toned grey sofa are:

  • Teal
  • Emerald Green
  • Navy Blue
  • Mint

If you’ve got a dark grey sofa that looks almost black in some lights, then you’ll want to stick to lighter colors to contrast against the darkness or use white pillows that have accents of darker colors on them.

What color accent chairs with a grey couch?

If you’re looking for some color accent chairs to place in your living room to bring some color, then we recommend using a bold color especially if your room is painted a neutral color like white, grey, or taupe.

Mustard yellows are a very popular choice for accent chairs, especially in a velvet fabric, they make a room look super grand and will bring some brightness to any boring space. 

Emerald green is another classy and popular choice for accent chairs at the moment.

Some people are scared to use a bright pop of color like emerald green in their living space but using it as a color for an accent piece of furniture will only compliment the grey of your sofa and will also add a splash of color to your room.

If you’ve got a cool-toned grey sofa, then try using a navy blue accent chair to pair with it. These colors will complement each other and hopefully give you the aesthetic that you’re going for. 

If you like experimenting with color, use a contrasting color to your wall color to create a statement with your accent chairs. If your walls or one wall is painted a warm mustard yellow, then use green for your accent furniture and you’ll be surprised how amazing they look together. 

How to style a grey sofa?

The best way to style a grey sofa to take it from looking flat to stylish and even showroom-esque is by adding soft furnishings like pillows and throws to it to break up the grey color. 

You can either get a cohesive color scheme of soft furnishings, maybe using the different shades of pink or even the same shades for pillows and throws.

If you want to take it the extra mile, then mix up your colors, try using a color like gold as the pain color scheme for the additional pieces and then using a brighter bold color like red as an accent color in one main big pillow or in a blanket that's a folder on the arm of the sofa. 

An easy way to make your grey sofa look more exciting is by using different patterned pillows made from various fabrics or textures to break up the block of grey. You’ll be surprised at how many contrasting colors of patterns work well together and make the room look complete.

Styling your grey sofa doesn’t have to be hard and you can have fun playing around with all the different colors you can pair with it. Making it as neutral or as bold as you like. Soft furnishings can easily be swapped out as and when you like.

Some people even like to style their sofas based on the seasons, using light pastels in the spring months to brighten the room and then using rich greens or reds in the winter to create a cozy Christmas vibe. 

What wall colors go with a grey sofa?

White is always a safe but good option to paint your walls when you’re buying a grey sofa. Regardless of if you’re got a lighter grey or a dark grey, the bright white walls contrast well against the darker cooler shades.

Grey sofas with white walls look very clean, simplistic, and relaxing and are often used for styling rooms in Scandinavia.

Painting your walls white will also mean you can use any color you want or a handful of colors for smaller pieces of furniture or decorative pieces in your living space, even if it just means using a bold and eclectic piece of art on one wall. 

However, you can paint your room whatever color you like if you have a grey sofa, from bright greens to pastel pinks, grey really does compliment any other color, so have fun playing around and feel free to switch it up whenever you want.