Which is Better: Leather or Fabric Sofa?

Your sofa is the center of your living area. It is where family and friends will gather when they visit your house and where you will sit to relax after a long day.

Choosing a sofa can be quite overwhelming as there are numerous styles to choose from.

Your sofa of choice should complement the tones of your living room decor without sacrificing comfort. 

It should also be durable. A sofa is quite a hefty expense so you want it to last a while without breaking down in quality. 

Sofas made from leather or fabric tend to be the most popular considerations and this often leads to a debate regarding which one is better.

Below, we have created a guide where we have compared both styles assessing factors such as comfort, aesthetic, and durability.

The final decision is going to be determined by personal preference along with the shape and size of the room that you are planning on putting the sofa in.

Continue reading if you would like to find out more about leather and fabric sofas. 

The Comfort

When it comes to choosing a sofa, comfort is paramount. You don’t want to invest in a sofa only to find that it is too tough and uncomfortable.

Along with the material that has been used to make the sofa, there are a few other factors that are going to influence the comfort.

This includes the frame structure, the cushioning, and the springs. Comfort tends to be a matter of preference.

A sofa that you may find comfortable may not cater to the comfort preferences of someone else. 

Generally, fabric sofas are thought to be more comfortable than those made from leather. This is because fabric tends to be softer and warmer than leather.

During warm weather, leather tends to collect heat and you will notice that it feels quite sticky when you go to sit on it. This also applies to cold weather and as such you will notice that the sofa is quite unpleasant to sit on.

Whilst you can dress a leather sofa with throws to make it warmer and more inviting in the colder weather, this is ultimately going to take away from its appearance.

Should you decide to opt for a fabric sofa, you should make sure that it is not too soft. Whilst you want it to be comfortable, it should also be supportive. 

Maintenance and Cleaning

Your sofa is likely to be subject to regular use and certain materials will wear sooner than others. The longevity of the sofa will be determined by the quality.

You will find that sofas that are made from high-quality fabric are going to resist wear better.

Some will also come with a stain-resistant coating. This will make it easier to wipe away any stains. If the sofa is constructed from poor-quality fabric, you will find it more difficult to remove the stains.

Fabric sofas are not as susceptible to scratching as leather sofas.

Leather sofas are easy to clean because most can simply be wiped down.

If you choose a leather sofa, it is worth purchasing a polishing product as this will help to prevent the formation of cracks.  

The Durability

As we have mentioned, your sofa is going to be quite a hefty investment so you want to choose one that is going to last.

Leather is a thicker material that is not only easy to clean but also has a greater resistance to wear and tear. 

When evaluating durability, it is important to consider the color quality. The color of a fabric sofa is likely to fade sooner if it is regularly cleaned to remove stains.

The color of a leather sofa is likely to last longer. It is worth noting that the color of both of these sofas will fade over time as they age. 

Aesthetic and Availability of Different Colors

The style of the sofa that you choose will depend on the aesthetic of the room that you are intending to put it in along with your personal taste.

Many would consider a leather sofa to be more of a stylish, statement piece. 

Leather also adds a sleek and sophisticated feel to a room which is difficult to emulate with fabric. This being said, fabric sofas tend to come in a wider variety of colors and patterns. For a contemporary look, you may prefer a fabric sofa. 

The Cost

The price of the sofa is going to be a reflection of the quality. Fabric sofas tend to be more affordable than leather sofas, however, you will likely find that a high-quality fabric sofa retails within a similar price range to a leather sofa.

When considering which sofa is better value for money, you should also factor in the comfort, durability, color, and style along with how easy it is to clean.

Which Sofa is Best for those with Pets?

For pet owners, choosing a sofa isn’t solely a matter of preference but practicality.

If you are going to allow your pet to jump up on your sofa you must ensure that it is resistant to wear and scratches. You must also account for any allergies. 

Leather sofas tend to be the preferred option for people with allergies because they do not accumulate as much hair, fur, and dust as fabric sofas.

Any accidental spills and marks are also easier to wipe off leather sofas and whilst odors are likely to absorb into the fabric material, this is less likely to be the case with a leather sofa. 

Our Verdict - Should You Pick a Leather or Fabric Sofa? 

As you can see there are advantages and disadvantages associated with both types of material. Ultimately, you must base your decision on your personal preference and what you value more, i.e comfort or durability.

If you have any pets, they will play an influential role in the type of sofa that you choose. Whilst leather may be more sophisticated and durable, fabric tends to be more comfortable and cost-effective.